Native American Art Conclusions

After viewing many pieces of art from the Northwest Coastal Indians we found somethings to be true most of the time. Here are our conclusions:

By Taylor And Anisa

1.The Native Americans art is usually about animals. It also represents a story through colors. The Native Americans like to tell story by some art. Also, not all of the art is on a flat surface. The Native Americans also use bold colors, but if not, always black. They are almost always symmetrical.

2. Their art shows that they worship their animals. They tell stories through their art. They like to represent there past chief through art. They like to spend time with art. They put art on everything.

3. They adapted to fishing, so they had a lot of free time to do art. They adapted to art so they could worship the past, first people, and environment around them.

Northwest Coast Native American Artwork

By Wit and Joe
∑ The art is very detailed.
∑ It has a nice variety of colors.
∑ They used some art to tell stories.
∑ The colorful blankets are made of cedar bark.
∑ They used special weaving techniques to make blankets.

They hunted animals that were closer to them, so it wouldn’t make sense to go all the way south just for the buffalo when they had whale with them. And the art has a lot of salmon and whale because they respected it. They also used totem poles to tell stories about certain people like a chief.

They would use salmon for food near the river. They depended on the food so they did a lot of art for the food god. The totem poles are used for telling stories and the Native Americans used them other than cloth or anything else because there were a lot of tree trunks because they lived near the woods.

Anna's and Aim's Conclusions

Conclusions about art
  • Wood was usually used for art
  • The art shows us that what is important to them and maybe they are telling us to save them as well
  • Most popular colors were red, green, black and white
  • Female and Male salmon were drawn differently
  • Use unique ways of drawing the emotions like colors and lines
  • Show the insides of the salmon
  • Use colors that aren’t actually on the salmon itself
  • Make art out of everything around them
  • Use colorful colors to make the art stand out
  • Made some art to tell stories

Conclusions about culture
  • Salmon was very respected since they ate salmon a lot and it was main part of their food/survival – want to say that animals holds an important part of their life
  • Salmon was very sacred, because if it wasn’t they wouldn’t carve one
  • They cared a lot about animals and didn’t waste
  • To show the animals respect they carve them
  • Should share food because art is also there to share its beauty
  • Made art to tell other people to respect animals that they catch – DON’T TAKE TOO MUCH!!
  • Art is important to them and is the only way except telling stories to tell some important things about their culture, ways things were created and lessons

Conclusions about how they adapted
  • They used wood because it was one of their only resources, and cedar wood lasts long
  • Salmon was nearly eaten every day, so without it, they might get a really bad stomach ache and die, because they are so used to eating salmon – they might even starve
  • They used herbs and other natural resources to make the painting, and didn’t pollute
  • They took much time to make art, so they didn’t have such a hard time surviving
  • Used everything that could be used to do/make something Conclusion about coastal native art
> 1. What conclusions can you draw about coastal Native art?
  • ∑ Uses dark colors
  • ∑ They usually draw the face
  • ∑ Only uses black, tan, green, and red
  • ∑ The animal is very detailed
  • ∑ Looks different then the real animal
> 2. What does the art show us about the coastal Indian culture?
  • ∑ They were carvers
  • ∑ Had a lot of things that they needed
  • ∑ They could fish easily
  • ∑ The animals were important to them
  • ∑ They eat animal a lot so they respected them
> 3. What does the art show us about how the coastal Indians adapted to their environment?
  • ∑ They like to eat animals
  • By Leon and Ryan
  • They spent a lot of time doing art not only for their survival but for decorations too