I am a Tlingit child. My name is Ax Oox(my tooth).I am 12 years old, a female whose favorite food is fat smoked golden brown salmon slathered in fish oil and fish eggs, though berries or blubber will do. The skill I have is weaving blankets, I'm working on my first chilkat blanket. I think the others in my clan admire me most for weaving water baskets, only one drop leaked on my first try. A fear I have is that I will be executed into a different tribe. My weakness is handling canoes. I like money and am very friendly.


Ax Oox/ Taylor

I wake at an early hour. The bear skin was flung off and I went outside the door to bathe. The light blistered my eyes, thought I knew I was early. Dliet, who usually got up first after the cheif, was just waking up. Xaan, who usually got up after Dliet, was still asleep. The fire wasn't even lighten, so the slaves weren't even up.
I went to bathe.By the time the ocean water had gotten well up to my chin, the rest of the tribe came pouring out. I knew I wasn’t so early.
I started my job. I got dressed, folded the blankets, helped make fish oil, weave about 3 baskets and 1 mat, shaved the wool dog, helped make masks, cooked the first meal, weaved a row of my chilkat blanket, and still found time to watch Yake and watch Gan before the first meal. The first meal was berries and salmon stew, as usual. After that, back to work.
I went to the smoke house to see if there was some place to put the salmon that Dzanti and Toos had caught. I loved doing this. I got the first place on the rack. As I watched Dis and Aas carve the latest totem pole, Ais came out from the forest behind me, giving me quite a shock. He had a bunch of bear skins and a slab of deer meet. I almost fell in the water, almost killing Kook, which wouldn’t please the chief.
I walked home with Te, and I had to admit, she was great. I don’t think she should be a slave. She was to nice.I didn’t want to eat the second meal.Thin tasteless salmon and halibut was dinner." I hate Halibut!" I muttered to Dis, Dliet and Axaa. " Live with it. Your not alone, Ax Oox!" Axaa screeched so loud nobody could hear but me. They all nodded. At least Dis tossed me some deer and 5 berries. Daanaa was eating a fat, tasty, smoked salmon with fish eggs and fish oil that my father had caught this summer in our fishing area that we had traded for a shell necklace. I was the one who found the fish eggs and made the fish oil. He also had the berries I picked, over 500.He had eaten all the 30 clam I collected. He even had me smoke and dry and cook the salmon, which took 3 days,just for 4 peices. Torture. It ruins my day. My father should have been chief, but he was a canoe maker before he died at the same war we found Te, Kook, and Gan (though my dad and my mom ,who was excecuted, were grumpy and mean).
I went back to my bearskin. A day of hard work has pasted. I hated the fires light at this time, but I was tired.I couldn't complain. I knew about the canibal women and her cooking box. I fell asleep peacefully. I dreamed of seeing a new cheif in the morning and my dad in his place.

The Potlach

The potlach was late at night. The village chief from 20 miles down the coast came. The Kwakiutul tribe came and I chatted with a girl all night. I was the 3rd person to see the baby. It was a girl. I have to admit the fact that I forgot her name.
She had 8 fingers and an extra toe one her left foot. My gift was a huge swirly shell with designs on it. I had 30 berries, 3 big pieces of salmon and a big slice whale and some humpback blubber. I didn't eat that much salty deer in a canoe of fish oil though.
I saw a high ranking chiefs dance. I also got a pair of plain hand drums. The host gave them to me to share with you. I met nobles of the Bella Culla tribe. They were all so cheerful. The host was more smiley than Dis after he caught 13 bears and 32 deer in winter. I put a little peice of deer in my hat . I made it last all night. I even have some extra. It was to salty for me to eat.
I did a foot race with the rest of the kids. I was 3rd. I even did a little lacrosse. I saw Xaan doing a commoners dance. I thought he was a noble! Oh well, we are nobles. It was lots of fun. I met a new friend. That friend was a poodle dog.Taylor_photo.jpg