Canoe maker

What were the canoes made of?
They were made of red cedar logs that was split in half.

What tools were used to make canoes?
The tools were stone,seashell and wood.

If something goes wrong while you are doing it what would you do
Give it to woman to cook food in it or you could give it to children to play in.

How were canoes decorated?
They were decorated by carving the head into a shape like an eagle's head. Also they would paint it to make it look nicer.

Other fact related to this job.

You would make a canoe for a fisherman when they run out of canoes and want to go fishing. You would get the wood from the wood cutter. Only a few man would make canoes in the village, most of the canoe maker are woman. When you are making a hole for the seat you would use fire and be careful. Then you would stop the fire by putting hot rock in and water to make the wood softened. After the canoe were dried you'd carve the log to make it look nice. Then you'd paint it.