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i am the chief of the tlingit name is Daanaa wich means dollar. i am 28 years old.i am a favorite food is pink and gold salmon cooked in a boiling pot. The skill, or strength, that make me the proudest is making the right decision for the tribe. I think the other in my clad admire me most for kindness, being wise and choosing my right decision. A fear I have is that I might make a mistake that will cause something to go wrong with the tribe, and this goes along with the weakness I have which is meeting with other chiefs and giving into their demands too easily. Something else I want you to know about me is I have been a chief for three and a half year.


I wake up before any body else. I lift up my bearskin blanket and fold it up and put it in a basket. I slowly creep out of the house trying not to wake any body up. I walk down to the river and take a rinse off. I get my cloths on and get ready for my morning walk in the woods.walking in the woods is my favorite part of my day. I walk through the village as people are starting to get up. As I reach the woods I sit and listen to the birds. When I get back to the village I see koox and Ais gathering their weapons to go hunt. The sun is glazing in my eyes. I hear the kids running around and playing. I feel the slight breeze against my face. The sand and dirt is sticking to my feet. I smell the smoke from the burning trees and the fish smoking. My least favorite part of the day is when my stomach is rumbling. I am very hungry. I walk into the long house. I see people gathering around their fires to cook the fish. The fragrance fills the air. I hear the stones dropping in the water.

I walk outside and wait till breakfast is ready. The waves are crashing down in front of me. Finally the meal was served. Kaast,Yake'ei,Dis,Dliet,Dzanti, and the rest of the tribe were pouring in. after every body ate the meal every body went back to working. After an hour or two the next meal was served. Every body was sitting on the floor talking and playing. After we had the salmon we had berries. The waves were calm. The canoes going up and down with the water. The sun set is colorful with different colors. The sun has gone down. Every body is getting in their long houses getting ready for bed. The fur blankets ready for someone to crawl under and sleep.


Yesterday there was an amazing potlach! there was so much stuff there. There was all kinds of food there. There was whale blubber, there was fish stew, seal oil, and all you can think of. The meaning of the potlach was because someone had a baby. His name was gaal. everybody was there. There were about 4 difrent tribes there. the tribes that came were the tribes that live all around us. The baby was sooooo cute. He made alot of noises. It was going crazy. It kept going gaal gaal gaal gaal. Thats why hey called him gaal. gaal means clam. It was so fun the kids played games and the grown ups danced and talked. My favorite part was when everybody got gifts. My least favorite part of the day was when we had to go home because it was so fun there.

The gift i got was a fur blanket. The potlach went on for days! The people ate and ate they wouldnt stop.