I`m a Tlingit. My name is Dleit (white or snow). I am 27 years old, a woman whose favorite food is fish eggs that is smoked. Also I like to eat salmon that is fried.The skill, or strength, I have that makes me proudest is that controlling the weather.I think the others in my clan admire me most for curing the sick and ensuring the supply of fish and game. a fear I have is that if I don`t bring the soul catcher back,and this goes along with the weakness I have which is that I always need help with picking herbs. Something else want you to know about me is woman help me with pick some herbs.

MY Day:

I woke up. I went to river and just washed my face. Because I had to go to Dzanti`s house because his dad was sick.
I walked there... They gave me some dentalia shells for healing his dad. Also they gave me breakfast. It was fried hot salmon and some fresh berries. It was good! I was thankful to Dzanti`s home and also was so proud to my self. he was absolutely healed. Shamans like me can read other`s mind. So I saw that he was healed.
Suddenly, Axaa came and said, "You are not dressed well ! Hurry! You need to be ready for your brother`s birthday!" My brother is chief. Shamans need to be chief or novel`s brother or sister. So everybody celebrates chief`s birthday. I like parties. Like birthday parties. So today`s best part of day is birthday party.
I ran to my home. I found 50 dentalia shells and packed in bearskin. Next I weared my best clothes. The cheif`s party always opens in cheif`s home. that means the party opens in my home!
Later, everyone came."HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Everyone gave their presents. He seems to be happy! Some people brought food. They were fish eggs, salmon,and big whale.Salmon and whale were fried. Later, when we were done with our party, we called one of our slave called Te. Her job is to fire the fire in fireplace in the morning. Right now her job is to unpack all of cheif`s presents with other slaves. We looked at the present. There was many kinds of things. Like, copper shild etc... and some dentalia shells. He gave some my shells back. I went outside. Kids were playing in the water. It was dark already. I said, "Go back to your home!" Everyone in this clan is scared of me, because I carry such powerful spirits. So of course, kids are scared of me they just ran to their home. I went back to my place(room). I unrolled my bearskin blanket. I went to the bed straightly, because I was so tired because of the party.
Good Night!


Xaan: Hey what`s up Dleit??
Dleit: Hey do you have time to talk? because I know that you didn`t go to Chief`s potlatch.I`ll tell you about it.
Xaan: Interesting!! Tell me right now!! Because I never went there.
Dleit: Ok. listen carefully. Potlatch, host`s way to show off his wealth by giving everything away.
Xaan: MMM... That`s kind of like show off...
Dleit: No! This potlatch was because of his birth. There is alot of kind of potlatch. Births, marriages, the raising of totem poles, and passing along an inheritance. Kind of lot isn`t it??
Xaan: Kind of... Tell me more.
Dleit: Ok. Host give coppers, canoes, blankets, boxes, furs, dentalium shells, and even slaves.
Xaan: What did you get?
Dleit: I got blankets, and dentalium shells.
Xaan: Cool stuffs!
Dleit: Yea.
Xaan: What did you eat there?
Dleit: I ate fish stew, whale, seal meat, seal oil, and other delicacies.
Xaan: Umm~! I`m getting hungry..
Dleit: Anyways.. Did u eat your meal??
Xaan: YEA. But I`m still hungry...
Dleit: OK... I`ll give some of my berries later kid`O!!
Xaan: OK..Do you know why do hosts give everything away?
Dleit: Yep! That`s because the hosts want to show they`re rich. Also they want to show they`re powerful.
Xaan: Well, I know that you are shaman, so you can predict somethings. Can you predict about the potlach in the future?
Dleit: Sure! Wait a sec.. OK! They change the name potlach in to "Parties"
Xaan: Parties? What a new name!
Dleit: Also, they commemorate a significant event in an extended family's or clan's collective life.
Xaan: Why do they have parties?
Dleit: They are held for baby showers, namings, weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays, graduations, and as memorials for the dead.
Xaan: Do they spend alot of money?
Dleit: YEP. It can take up to a year of planning and $10,000 for a family or clan to host a party.
Xaan: What do they give away?
Dleit: Kind of housewares such as plastic laundry baskets, towels, cups and glasses, dishes, pot holders, and handkerchiefs..
Ax Oox: Hey! Do you want to play with us??
Xaan:OK.. Time to go..
Dleit: Ok.. Bye!
Dleit: He`s even funny in the end! I almost laughed when I was talking.. HAHAHAHA!!!!


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