I am a Tlingit. My name is Dzanti,I am 19 years old and a man.My favorite food is salmon that is roasted on a fire and some fish oil.The skill I have that makes me proudest is that I could catch many fish with lances.I think the others admire most for making nets and harpoons.A fear I have is that whales might crash me over with cane and die and this goes along with the weakness I have which is I couldn't really catch fish with a net.Some thing else I want you to know about me is that I am brave enough for fighting shark.

Dzanti’s DayPhoto_2.jpg

I woke at the morning. I went to get my friend Toos and Kahaakw . I got them and first thing that we did is say hi to chief. Then we went to river for training.The river's water rose like 1 meter because of yesterday's rain.As we goto up river,we met Ais the hunter.She had hunted a small deer.We said bye to her and continued walking to up river.When we finaly got to upriver, we were surprised because there was thousands of salmon.We got our nets and 10 minutes later,we got 10 of them but we let out 4 of them.

We realize that we had to go to whale hunt. We went to the beach and the waves were splashing so hard.My other clan`s mans and women was cheering at us.we went on our canoe with cheif Daanaa . as soon as we started to go to ocean, some body said "don`t die!" it was Gooch the warrior.After a while, The wave got quiet. "BANG! CRASH! SPPLLASSHH!!"suddenly, the canoe shook and ther was a big shaddow of a fish.That was my worst part of my day."Its the whale!"Daanaa shouted. as soon as he shouted, he threw the first harpoon."OOORRRGGGGGG!" the whale cryed.We threw our harpoon toward the whale." Spam! Spam!Spam!" It hit the head 5 times. Finally, the whale was dead.

We got our big net and we pulled to the beach.we got to the beach in like 20 minutes and the sky was dark orange.every body was delighted.we said bye to each guys then Daanaa honored me because I hunt the whale in good way.My favorite part was sailing in canoe because we saw an beutiful fish,giant fish and a dogfish.I roasted my salmon with the fish oil.I put my salmon to a stick and I roested through the fire.Then I diped my roasted salmon and I ate it.It was dellishous. When I finish eating, it was already 10P.M. so I slept with my bear skin blanket.


Yesterday's potlatch was great!The boy that was born yesterday was so handsome!Every one in our clan was so happy that kaast carved some a piece of wood that has a baby's picture on it.We ate lots of whale because We went on the whale hunt 3 days ago.We also got meat stew, too! The baby ate a lot of the fishes with the oil diped. I got some furs from gaaxw,the hunter.I felt really grateful about it and he was very polite to everyone.

I told every body about the whale hunt and the new born baby looked interested so I told one story about how the raven made the tide.I liked the baby.After that,I went to see Daanaa the cheif.He was feeling really good and he said he is going to invite to our own potlatch when other baby is born.

After the potlatch was over, I knew the red sun was getting down. we rode on our canoes to go back. this was my best potlatch ever I`ve been.The favorite part was when I told everyone the story about How The Raven Made The Tide.The baby that was born looked fun.My worst part was when I ate too much salmon and throw up.