I am a Tlingit slave. My name is Gan (firewood).I am 22 Years old,a Man whose favorite food is fresh salmon with fishoil.The skill,or strength,I have that makes me most proudest is that I am good at collecting firewood. I think the others in my clan admire me moat for helping people and not only my owner. A fear I have is that people will be mean to me and a fear I have about this goes along with the weakness I have which is that I can not lift heavy things. Something else I want you to know about me is that I am an obedient slave.


I woke up in my quarters under the furry blanket in my clan house. I could smell the salmon in the house. I got out of the bed and put on my clothes. I could not wait until the first meal. That was my favorite part of the day.
I walked out of my quarters and out in to the cold morning air shivering. My least favorite part was collecting firewood although I was pretty good at it. So decided to do that first. I had to make three trips in and out of the forest with the wood.
After I finished with the wood I headed over to first meal. Everyone from my clan was there.
For lunch it was smoked fish with fish oil. After I finished eating I went back out in to the chilling air of the beach.I had to do a few more chores. They were make a fire in the clan house and start it, catch a few salmon since it was fishing season, and to finish up my last chore. That chore was playing with Xaan for a while.He is a child. I did that for a while. After his father dismissed me I went back to my part of the house and slept under the furry blanket.


There was an amazing potlatch yesterday the whole tribe was there! At the party I ate a lot of stuff. Like Smoked salmon, raw fish, Whale, fish stew, seal meat, stew, and meat. The people who came were Xaan the child, Dleit the shamen, and many other people that we knew. we celebrated the birth of baby Xux. He was so cute. He lives in the tribe with his mother and father Tix and Teel. They were very proud. For the gifts from Tix and Teel I got a fur blanket, a beautiful basket , and some money. Apparently it was not the best potlatch I have been to. according to the other guests they given away all of their belongings to every one.
I felt sick during the party probroly because I ate to much or there was food poisoning in the food. the food was not so good. it tasted a litle bit bitter but I survived the food. The only reason I ate the food was not to be rude. There was a lot of hand drums made of of elk hide and ceder wood.
The thing I liked the most were the native dances because they were so beautiful and the costumes were so detailed. The thing I disliked the most was the food because the food was so bitter. It tasted like saw dust and raw fish mixed together in one big micsture.
I think you would have really liked the potlatch but as for me I did not like so much but I did survive. I would have come home earlier but I did to want to be rude and all so they would not be happy with me. But my opinion is that you would have really liked the potlatch. Except for the food!