Hunters of the Northwest Coast

What is the best season for hunting?
Spring time. Thats when the animals come out from Hibernating and back from migration.
What are some animals you would hunt for on the Northwest Coast?
Mostly they would hunt for deer, elk and bear. But if they want a challenge they would go whale hunting.
What tools did you use to hunt?
They usually use bows and arrows but they sometimes use daggers and spears as well.

Other Information related to this job

Hunters only hunt food for their own tribe. And their make their own weapons. The chief relies on the hunters when they are running out of food. Then the hunters must go out and hunt the animals in the winter . Sometimes they get rewarded for saving the people ,from hunting food for them before they run out of their food supplies.
Also each hunters doesn't always have to hunt the same type of food.It depends on where they are on what food hunters hunt. Like for example, if you live near the ocean you will hunt for whales but if you live the forest you will hunt for deers commonly and the animals that live there. But the hunters always have something in common they are always respect after they bring home something good.
Also sometimes hunters can really get rich. They might strike luck and is able to catch a goat and use their wool to make a chilkat blanket. When some hunters are able to catch a whale they are sometimes allowed to to keep their bones and get rich. Hunters mostly wear the things that they get from their hunting. Hunters also must always hunt for their tribes only.
Hunters sometimes have hunting competitions from other tribes to see that who can hunt the most animals. They hunters that they choose from each tribe is one the best hunters of them all. These are some of the reasons why the good hunters are always picked.
  • they must have the most accurate aims
  • good at throwing spears and daggers
  • knows how to set up the best traps
  • can move quietly in the forest
has good eyesight so can find the animal fast
The hunters that are chosen must be very good at all this to be able to enter the competition. Hardly any hunters are actually was allowed to get chosen.