I am a Tlingit and I am a woodcarver. My name is Kaast. I am a 24 year old man whose favorite food is smoked salmon and whale blubber. The skill I have that makes me proudest is my carving. The tribe likes me for the wooden masks and statues I make. I am good at making these masks and statues. My fear is me drowning in the river when I take a bath, which goes to my weakness which is warriors from another tribe taking my family and use them as slaves. Something else I want you to know about me is I like
the fishes Dzanti Catches.

My Day

I wake up and see light in the front door. A few minutes after, I would take a bath in the river and change. I ussualy wear cedar bark clothes.
After that I would go back to the long-house to make some more masks and statues for the
tribe. After two hours, the wolf clan, my clan eats breakfast. After that I show my clan the new
masks I have just made

This afternoon I, as always, almost got killed and eaten by a tiger in the woods. I was just looking for
more wood. Anyway the best part of a typical day is that I always eat with the clan so I get to eat with one
of my friends, Dzanti. I always eat what he just freshly pulls out of the water, the ussual and my favorite,
salmon with a side of whale blubber. After that I go back to the long-house

This evening, I lit the fish lamps made from dried eulachon fish then I gave my three children their daily carving lesson.
After that, I would tuck them in and tell them stories to help them learn more about the tribe. when they fall asleep, I carve some more
masks, for the tribe and for my children. One of my children wants to be a shaman when he is older. Because he always wanted to cure the sick
when he was about my age.

The Potlatch

The potlatch was really fun, you should have seen me eat. I ate a lot of blubber. Maybe the baby came from a magic horse one of the spirits sent.
the baby was so cute and you should have gone there. The host was also generous he gave me his best fish stew

I ate a lot of blubber and salmon at the potlatch. Their salmon was so good. I even got there a bit late but just in time for dinner. So I got there
just in time. The host also gave me a basket

I got a basket some copper and some good fish stew that had some salmon with it. I also got a new chisel for me to carve for the chief. So I
went to the host to talk with him for a while and he was a nice man. Then he gave a few presents to the slaves. And a few more presents to
the commoners

What gift I liked the most was the new hammer and chissel I got because the host said they carve smoothly without texture and said that it will
look nicer. I also like it because it can also cut the splinters of. And also because I can also feel comfortable when carving. it can even do some really good looking masks. and because it also has a smooth tip.

What I did not like the most was when the host gave me some of his clothes because they did not fit very well. It also itches me on the stomach
and legs. I also did not like it because I had a little salmon oil that you cant get out. I also don't like it because one of the sleeves has a big hole on it.
And also because the clothes have some big blots on it

My favorite part of the potlatch was when the host announced dinner because I was so was my favorite part of the potlatch because I also
wanted to taste the good food they make. I also like it because their food tasted so good. I aIso like it because they served my favorite, salmon with blubber. And because that it was the food that made every hungry person including me were mingling at the feast table .in the potlatch most of my friends were there.

by:Francis RosarioFCASR_HOUSE_3.jpgFCASR_PERSON_2.jpg