I am Koox and i am 28 years old a male hunter whose favorite food is roasted salmon in the fire. The skill or strength i have that makes me proudest is hunting and using arrow. I think the others in my clan admire me most for because I am a good hunter doing hunting deer bear and brids. A fear i have is that when i lost way in mountain in night. And this goes along with the weakness I have which is teaching kids. Something else I want you to know about me is hunter also can die when we were hunting.

Kie won’s day

When I wake up in my plank house in morning than I will first dress up and than I will go to the river and wash my face and my bodies. After doing that I go back to my house and eat breakfast to day’s breakfast is salmon what Kahookw give to me. After eating breakfast I will go to Daanaa chief’s house and talk some kind of things and than I will go hunting with Ais.I will go to forest where there is many animals.
When I was going to forest there was Kaast he was cutting woods. We hunted many animals. deer,bears and birds. About lunch we went down to our village. We were very hungry. We ate lunch for salmon and than I train shooting arrows and throwing spears . And than I went to forest and hunt some more animals this time I also hunted my symbol wolf. I was tired so I went to my house and rest . few minute later dinner start it was the bird what I hunted this afternoon it was delicious! After the dinner I went to party they was dancing left of the fire. After the party our family eat some fruits. and i want to bad ..In the dream i meet my symbol wolf it was very funny day .


In potlatch there was yeil,daanaa chief ais kaast,dis, kook, kahaakw,gooch,toos.
In party we eat many foods like salmon,whales,berries, deer,bear and wolfs during the party you will feel noisy because of people, voice,cooking noise but you don't need to think about that because you have to eat foods.
And Potlatch is for born babies we believes that there is babyland only for babies.

The good part is we can eat foods as much as you want and you can eat some kind of foods what we can't eat.

the bad part is that potlatch dose only sometimes so you have to wait to goto potlatch party.