*By Anisa and Cheryl*




What was shaman's work?
We care others who get sick.
What are some plants they used to cure the sick?
They used special plants called herbs.
How do shamans work?
Some people think that in shamanic journeying, the spirit leaves the body, and in shamanic healing, a person is being healed by spirit helpers.
If you were sick, what did the coastal Indians believe happened?
They thought bad spirits had stolen your soul.
What does everybody ask shamans for?
Everybody ask Shamans for telling the future,winning wars and curing the very sick.
What is Shaman's important job?
Shaman's important job is to travel into the spirit world with a "soul catcher" and bring it back otherwise, Shamans would die.

Other Informations relating this job:

Sometimes shamans travel to the 'spirit world' with the 'soul catcher' because native Americans believe that if anybody get really sick, a spirit stole that person's soul and bring it to the 'spirit world'.
Shamans control such powerful spirits. Shamans can tell the future, winning wars and care the sickness.
Connection with a power animal,free flow of emotional and physical energy,and a sense of purpose is their work.Shamans went to war with the warriors too.
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