How was the cedar tree important?

The cedar tree was one of the most important things in the Tlingit culture. It was almost as important as salmon. Most of the things in their house was made out of it. Even canoes, clothing and totem poles,because you could make so many different things out of cedar wood that you couldn't do with any other wood in the forest. Also, the cedar wood is soft and easy to use.

The trunk: The trunk was not the only thing that was used to make things out of, but the trunk did provide them with some things. If you split the bark into planks or boards, you could make houses out of them. Cedar wood is the perfect wood to make houses out of, because cedar wood had special oils so it doesn't rot. You can also make cooking boxes for cooking, canoes, masks, figures, bowls and utensils were carved.

The outer bark: The outer bark like the inner bark is special. Out of it, you could weave storage baskets, screens and sleeping mats were you would sleep on in your own little area in the plank house.

The inner bark: The inner bark is probably the most special of all. When you pound it with a bark beater, the bark becomes soft and easy to use. The long fibers could be woven into cedar bark clothing and beautiful capes and ponchos. For sun protection, the bark was woven into cone-shaped hats. It could also be made into tablecloths.

The roots: Even the roots were used. The Native Americans made them into cords, ropes and beautifully woven baskets. These cedar tree roots made the basket water proof.