I am a Tlingit. My name is Toos. I am 20 years old, a fisherman whose favorite food is salmon on a stick dipped in fish oil.
The skill, or strength, I have that makes me proudest is to catch fishes with a net in rivers. I think the others in my clan admire me most for is to fish in the rivers because I am not good in fishing in shaking places. A fear I have is that if a whale breaks a canoe and I died, and this goes along with the weakness I have which is that I am not good in paddling canoes. Something else I want you to know a bout me is that I get sea sick easily.


My Day Toos

I woke up from my comfy brown bear fur blanket.

I saw Kook and the other slaves turning on the fire. Then they burned the salmon. Msssss!!!!! What a good smell. I ran to the door.

I ran to the lake. I wash my mouth. Splash splash splash and wash my body. Then I went back to the long house, got the net and met Dzanti and Kahaakw at the river. The fishes were jumping in the river. Then we caught more than 6 fish and we held two each. Then we ran back. We smelled all the smoked salmon. We drank water before the meal and then sat down and ate the smoked salmon dipped in fish oil. That was my favorite part.

Next we went to the river and put fish bones on leaves and it floated on the

After that, we went to the sea and got the canoes and the slaves all paddled the canoes while we were standing up. We found a big whale swimming across. Me and Dzanti and Kahaakw jumped onto the whale with a harpoon. We stabbed it right on the back. Then we dragged back the whale. Then the house chief Daanaa was really happy. Then we ate the whale. I hate to eat whales. That was my worst part of the day. We went to the river again and caught not only salmons we also caught carp. This time not with nets this time with traps and spears. It was dark so we went back. Ate and slept in our bear fur blanket bed.


The Awesome Potlatch

The potlatch was awesome. There were my friends there. They were just sick yesterday.The dancing and singing were so good.

Did you know that potlatch is a word from the Nootkas and it means party. It took months just for one potlatch.

The new baby was a boy. He was big for a normal baby. His name is Usaa. He weighed about 3.5Kg. Quit heavy. He is still a baby so he cries allot. Usaa cries so loudly that everything around him trembles! The villagers always stare at him when he cries and they get extremely annoyed. Even I get irritated from him. He had a flat face. His hieght was about 51cm.

I think baby land was good. At baby land there were so many babies. More than 10 babies are there. You also can speak a language that if you get born you forget it. I think it is not fair. I want to communicate with them. I even don't know a single bit.

The best part of the day was eating salmon. I like them. There were whale, berries and seal meat but I do not like to eat it.

The worst part of the day was the speech. It was so long. They only talked about the baby. It was boring.
But all the other stuff were good.