Who would I fight and would I kill them?
I would attack people that attack my tribe. and sometimes go o raids against other villages i would all most all ways kill them unless heir held captive
Were the northwest Indians strongest of all Indians?
Not all but there is one tribe called the Tlingit they were the strongest from all northwest coast Indians. they were the strongest warriors and had the best weaponry.
Was there special clothing for a warrior?
Yes there was there was a round wooden helmet, bentwood visor and a painted leather tunic over a breastplate made of interlocking wooden slats and also a war coat.
What weapons did you use?
The Northwest Indians used bows and arrows and a short spear. They also had clubs, hatchets, daggers and they also used big shields made of copper.
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The women also fought aside their husband as savagely as the men. Shamans and medicine men/women went to war too to catch and destroy enemy souls. The Haida were most feared along the Northwest coast. because they were very good at lighting fast raids. The Tlingit were most feared on land because there warriors were fierce and strong and had the best weaponry in the Northwest coast.