My Profile
I am a Tlingit Child. My name is Xaan (fire,red) I am 10 years old, a male whose favorite food is salmon that is smocked in lots of fish oil and lots of fish eggs on it. The skill, or strength, I have that makes me proudest is learning how to control the canoe, burn the base of the cedar tree, and to carve bowls and masks. I think the other in my clan admire me for treating them nicely and not arguing bout what I want to do or what they want to do. A fear I have is that getting eaten by a bear in the forest and being consumed by the furry creature because it likes to eat meat and this goes along with the weakness I have which is hunting and collecting food alone. Something else I want you to know about me is I am a nice guy and wants lots of new friends.

My Day

I wake up in a warm bear skin blanket and I see the clan symbol. I would fold the blanket and when I walk out the door I see Ax oox. I see the light shining in my face and walk through the itchy grass to get to the cold river. I see all the spruce trees around me grab my clothes and head over to the river. I take a bath in the shivering water and put my clothes on after I take a cold bath. Then I start my job with Ax oox.
I help hunt for food but I was really bad because I couldn't really hunt for food, fish and Toos would always help me learn how to fish, get cedar from the spruce trees was the most dreadful part of the day because I really wasn't strong, and carve totem poles, masks that were made from cedar and we colored them and make bowls that are very brownish and very smooth along the edges. I was very good at only making the clan symbol out of wood but every thing else I mostly good at. After that I would take all the things back to the tribe and help start dinner. First I would talk to the chief Daanaa and I would ask if I could be one of the people who dance around the fire. Making dinner was my favorite part because I like to smoke the salmon I caught in the ocean and dip it in fish oil.
After I would eat smoked salmon. After dinner if I have time I would play with Kook and Gan the slaves. I would wrestle with them but they would never lose so, I would not play with them. When it was close to getting dark I would go take bath and go to sleep. The forest had lots of creepy crawler around so I would run as fast I could to get to the tribe.
When everybody went to sleep I would wake up and see if everybody sleeping it was kind of weird. Then I would go outside to get a late snack and take an extra for another night. Then if everybody was still sleeping I would go sneak back into my bedroom and put the food in the storage closet underneath my bed. Then I would have a very nice sleep.


The potlatch was a few days ago and it was fun. I felt shy around all the adults. You came from this place from babyland were other babys played with other baby soul's. I just sat down at the table watching everybody have fun. We all got presents from the host which was great by the way. I sat down next to Kook. I got up and started to go over to the food. there was salmon, fish stew which was disgusting and I warn you never to eat it. There was also shellfish,seal dipped in fish oil. I ate shellfish and salmon nothing else because it stank. The best part of my day was when we all left the the potlatch and the worse part of that day was going to the potlatch.
I felt scared, and shy around all the grown ups while me and Ax oox where the only kids until you came along. We all had a hard time giving you a name. Everybody was a the potlatch like Ax oox, Kook, Yeil, Gan, Ais, Te, Gooch and lots more. We all had assigned seats which totally sucked by the way.
There lots of goods there and the whole things was great.I wished you were there because its not fun doing nothing with all these grown ups around so I don't have to be the only loner around doing nothing or will you leave me to? At the end of the potlatch we would get a present like copper, canoes, blankets, boxes, fur, dentalium shells and slaves. It was funny at the end because if the host was a very good host they would give all there stuff and they would be bankrupt and that would be very funny. Igot a copper shield from the host which was generous of him to give me a copper shield.


By: Ryan Lee