I am a Tlingit my name is Yeil and I am a warrior. I am 27 years old a male warrior whose favorite food is halibut and candle fish fish oil cooked on a stick. the skill,or strength, I have that makes me proudest is my strength and skill at dodging spears.

I think the others in my clan admire me most for my strength, agility and my love to fight.the fear i have is that my clan gets attacked by th Haida tribe and i would be and this goes along with the weakness i have which is running away from predators like bears and warriors. Something else i want you to know about me is i love fighting for my tribe because then everybody honors me in my tribe

Typical Day:

Yeils day

I wake up in the wolf clan long house which is a house that my whole family lives in with me.I fling off the dear skin covers. I look around and find gooch still sleaping. I look up at the smoke hole the rays of sun feels like its burning my eyes.I got dressed in my casual cloth clothing. I went to take a bath in the river. I see Gooch just behind my going to take a bath in the river. We both jump at the same time and make a huge SPLASH.

We go back to the long house. I get my gear like war helmet , wood visor and breast plate put under a leather tunic. I would get my spear get out the long house and guard the village.with Gooch. A long time later I would go to the longhouse and eat breakfast.
I eat fish stew with fish oil. I would sleep in my family area next to the chief.

Gooch and I were told that there was a battle. and thats the part i hated the most in the day. and thats we got all our gear and got on the great canoe to get to the battle. Those canoes could hold about 14 people.

We fought and fought and after a very long time what seemed to be days.

We came back and went to Dliet to heal after the healing it was already dark so I ate halibut my favorite fish and berries and quickly went over to my bed .I covered myself with me dear skin covers and quickly went to sleep.


Sister the potlach was great i want to tel you all about it was amazing. there was a huge bonfire in the middle we were in a huge tent just on the beach. we all danced around the bonfire there were lots of hand drummers

like a raven on a tree watching salmon swim around in joy at the river. he was the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. you should of been there. you would of liked that baby he kind of reminds me of you.

we ate all kinds of foods. we had salmon stew, whale blubber, seal blubber, halibut, cod flounder, eulachon fish and herring. the best was the eating i loved the food there.

I got two beatutiful colorful woven blankets and a copper sheild with our wolf clan symbol on it given to me by the cheif. all most every body came exept you. all the clan came. but i was mostly talking with gooch . we ate more than the other people because we liked the food a lot. Gooch mostly ate ate whale and seal blubber and eulachon fish oil. i all most all ways ate halibut my favorite. the halibut there was especially good at that potlach

but i was really flattered that you did not come.It would of been funner if you were there with would of really loved it there. i felt really good for the host and his wife for having there first baby. they loved him so much. i could see it they would not take there eyes off of him. even if they were dancing with there quests.

his name was taan witch means sea lion in Tlingit. the worst part was seeing the baby cry because of all the noise. it distracted everyone from dancing to come and figure out what happened. all he really wanted was attention. I think so.

it was beautiful how he can from baby land. he went marching out of baby land just like a proud,strong and smart soilder. but when he was out of baby land he just looked like a beautiful, harmless loving baby. i absolutly loved the potlach so much. it was the best one i have ever been to