This is the place to learn more about how this project will work!

This project has 2 parts. You will work in two different groups during the course of this project.

Part 1: Questions and Answers (Culture Groups)

A: Questions: You will work in groups of 3 to develop a question about one aspect of culture. In your groups, you will brainstorm ideas to answer your question using Inspiration.

B: Answers: Then, you will research the answer to your question using books and web resources. You will compile all of your information in a fact card wiki page here on our wikispace. Your wiki page must include:
  • Your question
  • Your brainstorm
  • The information you learned when you researched your topic
  • An image that helps represent your topic
  • A link to a website that helps us learn more about your topic

Part 2: Designing a Totem Pole (Family Groups)

Goal: Your goal is to design a totem pole that represents all aspects of Northwest Coast Native American culture.

Role: You are members of a N.A. family that would like to honor your tribe by proudly displaying a totem pole.

Audience: Your audience is your classmates, and the world, via the internet.

Situation: You will work in small groups to design and annotate a totem pole that clearly and accurately represent all aspects of your culture.

Product Performance: You will post your totem pole design on our class wikispace for everyone to see.
Your wikispace must include:

• Well-drawn totem pole design with clear and thorough labels describing what each part of the totem pole represents in N.A. culture.