Chiefs of the north west coast

How long would a chief reign?
If they became chief they would be chief until the passed away.
Were the Indian tribes hostile or friendly to the white settlers?
Some tribes were hostile at first but then became friendly.
Why would a chief host a potlatch?
a chief would hold a potlatch to show every body how wealthy he is.
Did you have to have allot of money to be chief?
yes you would need allot of money. one of the ways a person would become cheif is if they had alot of wealth or allot of rare things.

Interesting facts

  • Any person would become chief if they had valuable stuff or owned allot. (especially when the white settlers came)

  • dentalia shells were as rare as gold to the Indians.
  • the most powerful chiefs had a copper shield.
  • the copper shields were so famous and powerful that everybody knew its history and the names of people in the clan that had owned them before.
  • copper shields were so rare if the poorest person found enough raw peaces of copper to make four shields he or she could easily become chief.