I am a Tlinglt slave.My name is kook.I am 18 years old, a slave whose favorite food is smoked salmon.
The skill, or strength,I have that makes me proudest is my canoing. I am the strongest and fastest
in th force to push and pull when I pull chiefs to my village.I think others in my clan admire me most
for the strength that I show them in canoes and how fast I go. A fear I have is that I will be killed one
day if I do something that displeases him like take lead and this goes with the weakness I have which is seeing
animals being killed.Some thing else I want you to know about me is that my clan animal is the thunderbird.

Kook,My Day

I wake up in my bear blanket in my bed close to the door. I am the first one to get up. I go over to the fireplace and tried to start the fire. I can’t start the fire before I grabbed the two flint stones. I rub them together and sparks fly out and then the fire is lit.
After that I go out to take a bath in the freezing water. I see stones, gravel being kicked up by my feet every time I move and I see tadpoles running around all over the place. When I finish I go back into the house and get a stick and start roasting the fish right over the fire. I sit there waiting for the rocks to burn and then I put them in water for the water to boil up. When they are boiled enough, I take them out and put the fish inside. Then when they are roasted enough in the water I start cutting the salmon up.
After I am done making breakfast, I go back to my room and get my ball to entertain the kids. I go outside and I have to wait for the kids to come out. When they do, I have to stay out and play with the ones that are still out there and I have to keep on entertaining them until they go inside to eat dinner.
The part I hate the most about the day is when I have to play with the naughty children who play rough. Since I am a slave, they can do whatever they want to do to me.
The part of the day I love the most is when I get to play with the little babies and I can give them a ball that they either play with or chew on. I just watch them until they fall asleep .while the babies are asleep I sneak in to the house and get the other salmon started for dinner. I follow the same steps as I did before .Then I go back outside to play.I see a mother teaching her girl how to cook. I see a totem pole carver carving away at a huge log.

The Best Potlatch Ever

That potlatch was the best potlatch for me because I was the one who got the best gifts. The babies name was Guwakaan [deer].
It was a little boy who eyes were like two shimmering pools of blackness as he was being greeted by everyone. The traditional dances started
as everybody was chanting then the baby started crying. the people heard this and they stopped. next the chief started giving gifts to everyone.
Gifts such as coppers,canoes,blankets and boxes. then it was time to eat so everybody gobbled down the food like fish stew or seal meat.
then it was time to say goodbye. but I know I will never go to a potlatch as good as that.